AdSense approval in just 90 days follow tips 2023

 Securing AdSense approval for your website is an exciting step toward monetization. Crafting a successful application involves strategic planning and adherence to Google's guidelines. By focusing on crucial aspects like high-quality content creation, a user-friendly design, essential pages like 'Contact' and 'About Us,' and ensuring your website follows AdSense policies, you enhance your chances of swift approval. Remember, while there's no guaranteed timeline, these practices provide a solid foundation to expedite the approval process and start generating revenue through ads on your platform.

AdSense approval in just 90 days follow tips 2023

1.Quality Content: Ensure your website has original, valuable, and well-written content. High-quality content is the most important factor for approval.

2.Sufficient Content: Have a reasonable amount of content on your website before applying. Aim for at least 10 to 15 well-developed articles or pages.

3.Unique Domain: Use a custom domain (not a free subdomain) that reflects your website's identity and purpose.

4.User-Friendly Design: Create a clean and easy-to-navigate website layout. User experience matters.

5. Contact and About Pages: Include a clear "Contact Us" page with accurate contact information and an "About Us" page that explains your website's purpose.

6. Privacy Policy: Have a privacy policy page that explains how you handle user data.

7. No Prohibited Content: Avoid content related to adult themes, violence, hate speech, and illegal activities.

8. Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and displays properly on various devices.

9. Page Loading Speed: Optimize images and minimize scripts to ensure fast loading times.

10.Remove Copyrighted Material: Ensure all images and content are original or properly attributed. Copyright violations can lead to rejection.

11. Age of Domain: While not a strict requirement, having a website that has been active for a few months can improve your chances.

12. Apply with Root Domain: If you have both www and non-www versions of your website, apply with the one you use as your main domain.

13. Traffic Source: While not a strict requirement, some organic traffic from search engines can demonstrate your website's legitimacy.

14. Read AdSense Policies: Familiarize yourself with AdSense policies and ensure your website complies with them.

15. Domain Age and Ownership: Make sure your domain is registered in your name and not associated with any past policy violations.

AdSense approval is a manual process, and Google's team reviews each application carefully. Be patient and focus on creating valuable content and a user-friendly experience for your visitors.


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